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"The Time is Always Right to Do What's Right!"

Our Golden Rule, “What Matters to you Matters to Me!”

Our Vision has always been clear. We are committed to the constant, ethical pursuit of marketing and funding strategies for new and existing business. 

​​​When Lending Hand is representing a client we pledge to: 

  • Only be compensated by the client. 

  • Promptly disclose any direct compensation from the recommendation or referral when when suggesting the use of services of other professionals or entities. 

  • Begin every relationship with a commitment of Non Disclosure.

  • Send a Service Agreement outlining the tasks we will perform with the invoice and scope of the project.

  • Be charitable with our time to teach entrepreneurship. 

  • Gather our clients documentation in the planning stage to streamline the application process. All information provided is private and held in the utmost confidentiality.

  • Disclosed all fees prior to services being rendered. Payment is due when invoiced as stated in our contract for service agreement. We do not offer refunds of prepaid hours.   

  • Initiate loan requests after we have per-approved the client by reviewing: income, assets and credit and evaluating if the business will "cash flow". 

  • Communicate with investors to secure loan terms and a loan commitment. If the financing they seek is not possible we create a strategic plan for other possible funding sources with a timeline and required tasks for funding.

  • Professionally complete required investor applications only representing the facts.

  • Fully disclosure all pertinent facts to the parties of a transaction with relevant, accurate information. However, will not disclose information to third parties unless required to by subpoena or authorized by the client in writing.

  • Attain our client's consent for release of information other than noted above.  

  • Only participate in transactions in which parties, principals, agents, or service providers, are engaged in honest and ethical behavior.

  • Stay in close communication with borrowers and lenders to make sure questions are promptly answered and significant events are conveyed in a timely manner. This communication is defined in our contract for service agreement.

  • Continue researching industry principles and practices to bring the highest level of knowledge and expertise to our investors, clients and associations. 

  • We are a paperless operation. All electronic documentation is sent and stored securely. Our information systems are protected with a firewall and we ensure that borrower files, forms, and other materials containing private confidential information are maintained in conditions protected from unauthorized view.  

Lending Hand is 100% owned by Rachel Ahmad Biondo. June 2019 she formed a partnership with Terri Blackwood and is a managing partner with SOP.Solutions.  

Implementation is managed by SOP.Solutions. Read "Understandings" to learn more about our ethics.

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