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From there our motto was born 
Plan    |    Fund    |    Implement

Let's have a strategy call so we can learn about your; motto, mission and vision.

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We have dealt with hundreds of lenders, reviewed thousands of projects and have insight into limitations of different lending institutions.

Banks differ in lending preferences and this can change on a daily basis. What happened last week may not be true today based on portfolio preferences as well as supply and demand. We learn from our past projects and sometimes we do refer back to our H.A.L.O, (Had A Loan Once). Once we take on a client we believe in them and we know the project will be funded.


January 2010 - August 2013

This group of emergency room doctors needed funding for a free standing emergency room (FEC). Lending Hand wrote the business plan, compiled projections and managed the funding process. By utilizing multiple funding sources these these clients funded with conventional financing and a few lines of credit from different sources. A year into treating patients the the bank was bought and the new bank called the note due! Talk about a fire drill. This can happen and we were prepared because we had a solid business plan and projections and their financials were up to date.

This group was able to act quickly because offering the new bank all of the documentation they would need for an SBA loan was easier because they could quickly provide a profit and loss and balance sheet as well as the rest of the documentation for SBA funding . It was critical to prove to the lender this young facility will continue to be profitable. Not only were they profitable we were able to finance another facility!

It is critical to know where your organization stands daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually. How do you know if you are making money, what is your per person average, are you meeting the goals you set for your business? Knowing these answers puts you in control of your business and allows you to make key decisions. This group made a commitment to maintaining financial heath and was able to quickly make key decisions.


SBA ~Refinance and Reinvent

This practice had great success for 9 years and it was time for a reinvention. We gathered and helped prepare financials. Then coordinated refinancing the company debt to included money for working capital. SBA was the best option for this dentist. After the loan funded we implemented the updated marketing strategy along with a name change, new logo and a website. This refinance significantly reduced monthly expenses. We assisted this client monthly with reporting focused on comparing the practice management software results to what went through the bank. We successfully implemented an employee bonus program that created a positive impact in increasing revenue and reducing account receivable.


January 2009-January 2012

A Periodontist and Prosthodontist came to me to purchase a home. I asked them what I ask all my clients, "What is the most important thing about this home loan to you both?" They quickly replied, "To be able to to open our own practice." So the plan started that day. Projections and business plan was written and evolved over the 3 years we worked together. We managed the funding process and utilized multiple investors for maximum financing.

They started with the purchase of the lot in 2009. The goal was to plan and pay. By holding onto that lot for over a year the equity that builds counts as their down payment. During that time there was specifications, plans, a contractors bid and much more that would be required before submitting the SBA loan application. By purchasing the lot and waiting for the equity to get "seasoned" they were able to take their time designing the project.

The next step was an SBA construction loan. The first draw on the construction loan paid off the lot loan and outstanding debt due to the owners and vendors. Because the location was rapidly increasing they had equity when the construction loan was converted to a permanent loan.  After receiving the certificate of occupancy they were ready to treat patients. The video below was at the ribbon cutting October 20, 2011. 


January 2016 - September 2016

This start up medical spa needed a digital media platform and marketing strategy. We coordinated process set up their email and social media chane


March 2001

In the consulting industry, each situation is unique and requires a specific set of solutions. For this project, I helped my client define the ideal outcome for the situation, and through strategic planning we were able to achieve a great end result.

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Throughout the years, I’ve earned a reputation for being one of the best consultants in the San Francisco area. The interests of my clients are always my first priority, and I go above and beyond to make sure they get the results they need.

Whether you’re about to launch a new project, need advice on expanding your business, or would like a timely tip on matters big or small - I’m your go-to source. Contact me today to set up a meeting and find out more about what I can do for you.

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