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Plan For Success

This is step 1.

We begin with 12 hours of tactile work outlining the the strategic plan. The cost is $999.

The motto, mission and vision is documented. The question is always the same...

What is the most important thing to you about your business?

Fund The Plan

Plans have been made. We are keeping detailed records of all transactions. Conditions are being cleared. When funds are disbursed we collect 1% of the funding amount. 

The funds are allocated and documented in the plan.

Implement Your Plans

Revenue, expenses, debt  and assets must be documented to create company  financials. Through SOP.Solutions we assist in keeping up with financials  and offer strategies.

What systems are put in place to be true to your motto, mission and vision?
We offer a Lending Hand to entrepreneurs to start, grow and sell.​
 A majority of our clients need a business plan and projections as a condition for loan approval.
Read our blog, we know what banks want.

Commercial funding requires up to date financials. We have a solution, SOP.Solutions!

Refinance Reinvent

The project of refinancing has many moving parts. We start with planning, then funding then implementing the plan. Read our case studies to learn more.

 Marketing Plan

There will be many people seeking your hard earned money. By having a plan in place and monitoring the effectiveness (ROI) of your marketing efforts strategic decisions mare made. Read more here.

Start-Up Funding

The distance between dreams and reality is action. You want to be your own boss? The reality is a true leader knows how to delegate and hires experts because it is cost efficient. Read about one of our very first projects here.

Acquiring & Selling

Are you planning to buy an existing business? Do you want to sell your business? Always start with the end in mind. All financials must be up to date before either party can take further action

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